Getting to Kosovo


The main airport is the Pristina International Airport (PIA) which is positioned 15km southwest of Prishtina. PIA connects Kosovo to numerous countries through direct flights including: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, Hungary, Turkey, etc. The PIA has a capacity of over 1 million passengers a year and also has connecting flights to anywhere around the world. The Airport has different facilities available including car rental, restaurants, post office, banks & ATM, and shopping. For more information please visit the official site of Pristina Airport


Kosovo’s capital Prishtina is within one hour’s distance of driving to any neighboring country (Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia), thereby providing a connection for all countries in the region.

Getting here by car:

Kosovo borders Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Albania with the following border points: From Albania: Vermica, Qafa e Prushit, and Morina; From Macedonia: Gllobocica and Hani iElezit; From Serbia: Muqibaba, DheuiBardhe, Merdare, Gazivoda, and Jarinje (you may only enter Serbia from Kosovo if you initially came from there since they do not recognize the Kosovo border stamps).; From Montenegro: Zhlebi and Gryka e Cakorit;


There are buses disposable serving passengers throughout much of Europe including, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Turkey, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and more.


There is a service from Prishtina to Skopje and vice-versa. The passenger can purchase the travelling ticket at the cashier in stations or in the train.